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Welcome to BRP Machinery and Equipment web site, your number one source for material handling solutions. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of transportation and handling equipment, with a focus on safety, easy handling and flexibility. Founded in 2014 by two engineers, has come a long way before its beginnings. Our years of experience in the field of material handling is transferred into the brave new company, BRP Machinery and Equipment.


The search for a solution to a transportation problem of a key customer, one of Turkey’s biggest white good producers, brought us to CargoMaster, a mobile, versatile and convenient stair climbing system in the field transportation technology. We decided to join forces with AAT Alber Antriebstechnik GmbH of Germany to offer the CargoMaster product range to Turkey, Northern Cyprus and neighboring countries.


All CargoMaster models are conceived as client-oriented, highly convenient solutions that convince through top quality and state of the art, innovative technology. Thus, BRP Machinery and Equipment as a company stands for customer satisfaction, flexibility, high quality, innovation and reliability.


Years of experience in the field of rehabilitation and transportation technology gives distinction to the great reliability of the products. Highly motivated employees, with their dedication and their creative ideas, make an essential and profound contribution to the products’ quality.


Germany as a location for production is an essential aspect of BRP and AAT’s philosophy. In order to react quickly and appropriately to clients’ wishes, we attach great importance to the fact that the majority of their contractors produce in Germany, for the most part even in its immediate vicinity.


The main idea when developing new products, is to help people. Thus new fields open up in which original and creative ideas are realized, implemented with the latest knowledge in science and research.


CargoMaster products are continuously subject to improvement to do justice to accelerated change in today’s society. Attributes such as safety, versatility, comfort and convenience characterize its products.


In the field of transportation technology, the stair climber makes it possible to transport heavy loads up and down stairs without any problems relieving personnel and staff from carrying said heavy loads.


Stair climbing systems offer special solutions for white good distributors, vending machine dealers, boiler and furnace companies, fireplace manufacturers, logistic companies, airports, casinos, as well as the hotel and restaurant business with CargoMaster mobile stair climbing aids.


We hope you find your strong partner to ease your transportation problems among our CargoMaster product range, whether the loads have to be transported up and down stairs or on level ground…
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+90 532 401 01 72

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